Thursday, 20 October 2011

Roaring Bear

I've been having a ton of fun with a quirky project a friend asked me to tackle! "Could you please paint a roaring bear on my guitar?" he asked, and then left it at that.

What a great assignment!

I played around with a few ideas, and got several books out of the library (real bedtime literature, with titles like "Bear Attacks" and "Bear Survival" --full of gory tales of camping trips gone wrong... and of course when my eye would catch a word like "severed" or "crazed" there was no way I could keep myself from reading the rest of the page).

Finally, I decided to use as inspiration the picture from the front of a magazine: perfect profile, great lighting, amazingly wide jaws--just what I had been hoping to find!

Jordan had already sanded down his guitar, so after painting the bear, I finished the whole guitar with a water-based, matte varathane (he explained that super-shiny finishes on guitars are a thing of the past --think of the blindingly glossy guitars of the 1990s).

And here's the finished product!

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